Just wanted to give you an update on Prairie dog. Firstly, she’s the best dog in the world and I still marvel at how I found her by chance. When I went to Heartland to see Hadley, I never for a second thought I’d leave with a different dog. In a million lifetimes I couldn’t have picked a more perfect dog. That she was there for so long still baffles me but it’s like she was waiting for me. We were both sad with anxiety and wobbly bellies and it’s like she was meant to be mine. She pulled me through the worst depression I’ve ever had and now neither of us have anxiety. Because of her I moved to a new town so I could get a house with a garden for her to romp around in. It turned into the exact right place for both of us. I’m surrounded by neighbors who have dogs and now Prairie has doggy friends to play with. Having the extra space meant I could rescue another dog who had a very similar story to Prairie’s. So now she has a sister (who she uses as a prop when she’s scouting for squirrels out the window.) I did a DNA test on her and turns out she is 62% American pit bull, 15.6% American Staffordshire, 11.2% Chow, 8.1% German Shepherd & 3.1% Rottweiler. She’s a mix of commonly banned breeds & just goes to prove that the perception of the breed and the reality of the breeds are often worlds apart. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for this amazing girl.



Remy (fka. Nikko)

Remy is doing great in his forever home! His family says he is very playful, affectionate, and spoiled. When he arrived at Heartland he was very skinny and malnourished and weighed only 30 pounds. He now weighs 50 pounds and loves to eat and is very treat-oriented. His family loves him very much!



Here’s a little Luke update! He learned how to open the food cat cabinet, so we’ve baby proofed lol. He is obsessed with his feather wands, he makes bread and suckles on all the super soft blankets every night, loves to cuddle and chirps alllll the time, and he’s been majorly enjoying sunbathing and teaching his older brother how to do zoomies.



Bella (fka. Girly)

Bella is a wonderful dog! We feel so blessed to have adopted her! She gets walked two or three times a day and LOVES her walks! She also loves being surrounded by our family and chewing on her bully sticks or raw hides. She has become an integral part of our family. We have four kids and they’ve fallen in love with her.


Baldur (fka. Bronxx)

We wanted to give you guys an update: We have had Baldur for about a year and a half. He has really come out of his shell, when we would take him to the pet store he wouldn’t let anyone pet him or give him treats because he was so shy and anxious. Now he has his favorite people at our local pet store (which my husband also works at) and will take treats from them! He has overcome a lot of separation anxiety and knows we are coming back when we leave. He’s doing very well and still very sweet and our little cuddle bug! We are so glad he has come out of his shell, and is doing so well. Hope everyone at Heartland is healthy and safe.

Prince Harry (fka. Mayhew)

We love our fur baby. Even at 4am even he comes in to see how I’m doing. Mayhew left Heartland in August. After we promised to treat him like royalty, we started to call him Prince Harry. Being a ginger, we thought it fit. He’s never very far away.


When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.